WWH Professional Staff

Quality Team


Dave Garland, C.H.
Manager of Operations and Quality Control

Dave oversees production and packaging of products, from raw material to finished goods, under WWH’s strict compliance program. He is responsible for all operations related to the manufacturing and distribution of Wise Woman Herbals’ products and co-chairs the Quality Unit Team. Working in the botanical ingredient manufacturing industry for more than 25 years and as a result of the quality, technical and plant management positions he has held, Dave’s depth of knowledge is extensive in the realm of the FDA’s guidelines for the manufacturing and distribution of botanical and dietary supplements. Dave is an FIHM Certified Herbalist, a former U.S. Marine, business major and avid outdoorsman, Dave’s other interests include cooking, golf and exploring the mountains and rivers of Oregon. Wise Guy since 2009.


Caylin Cuillier, B.S., ASQ-CQE
Manager of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Caylin has a strong background in biochemistry having earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University. He holds a continuous improvement process validation and control and quality leadership certificate, which combined with his certification as a Quality Engineer from the American Society for Quality, makes him uniquely qualified for the job as Wise Woman Herbals' QA Manaager. He has over six years experience in quality management and experience in the nutritional and herbal supplements industry on the manufacturing side. Caylin strongly believes in Wise Woman Herbals business model and leadership and looks forward to contributing to the company's growth and continued success. Caylin and his wife are originally from Arizona and only recently relocated to Oregon. He played competitive golf at the college level and enjoys almost all organized sports including competitive softball, which he and his wife participate in together. Wise Guy since 2016.


Jamie Nelson, C.H.
Production Laboratory Manager

Now in her 18th year as Wise Woman Herbals’ Production Laboratory Manager, Jamie oversees the sourcing, auditing and qualification of WWH’s Organic, Biodynamic, Cultivated, and Wildcrafted raw materials and suppliers. She adheres to strict guidelines established in conjunction with WWH’s exceptional high standards, consistent with the American Herbal Products Association’s guidelines for sustainable plant harvesting and the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices. She is the Quality Production Manager responsible for overseeing the entire production process: from sourcing quality ingredients to proper plant identification and testing, and as a guiding member of the Quality Unit and Organoleptic Testing Panel. Jamie is an FIHM Certified Herbalist and botanical enthusiast. As a longtime equestrian team member and coach she spends her free time evaluating the various stages of plants in their natural habitat throughout the growing season while riding horseback in the Willamette forest and along the Pacific coastline. Wise Woman since 1998.

Kery Tucker, A.S.
Quality Assurance Document Control Specialist

Kery is a longstanding member of the WWH Quality Unit Management Team. She has extensive experience in current Good Manufacturing Practices compliance according to the Food & Drug Administration Code of Federal Regulations for Drug and Dietary Supplement Manufacturing. Kery's responsibilities include generating, maintaining, and revising SOP's, MMR's, specifications, procedures, batch records, OOS investigations, change management and other documentation systems. Prior to joining Wise Woman Herbals she worked in pediatric neuropsychology and international adoption. As a Northern Virginia native she studied liberal arts at Nova Community College. In addition to possessing an inquisitive mind and and an eye for detail, Kery enjoys hiking, camping and being Supermom to her two children. Wise Woman since 2006.


Holli Oberst, B.A. C.H.
Analytical Laboratory Technician and Quality Assistant Specialist

Holli is our Quality Control Lab Technician who operates the WWH in-house laboratory. She is responsible for the company's microbiological and metal testing, assay analysis and environmental monitoring of medicinal herbs and botanical extracts for quality assurance, plant species verification, and research and development. Holli is a graduate of Oregon State University with a keen interest in horticulture, agriculture, veterinary medicine, ecology and science. She is an FIHM Certified Herbalist and in her free time, an active partner in her family's ranching enterprise in the neighboring community of Pleasant Hill. Wise Woman since 2010.


Customer Service

Stephanie Lowell, B.A. 
Customer Service Representative

Stephanie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Oregon. Prior to joining Wise Woman Herbals she worked in data research. Stephanie was raised locally in farm country and is an avid gardener of medicinal and ornamental herbs, long distance runner, and a Super-Mom. Wise Woman since 2013.




Ben Epperson 
Material Management and Inventory Control Specialist

Ben is the head of inventory control, cycle counts, and tracking all raw materials and ingredients, consistent with the FDA 21 CFR Part 111 and 211 guidelines for cGMP facilities. The tracking process involves oversight for receiving and warehousing of materials and for in-process and finished product. Ben previously applied his skills and strong work ethic in a variety of business settings in customer service, warehousing, and inventory control. He is an enthusiastic member of WWH's Quality Unit. As an outdoorsman and sports enthusiast, he is either following or participating in sports during his free time. Ben and his wife Julie recently welcomed their second daughter. Wise Guy since 2007.



Aubrey Berggren Ashbridge, C.H.
Order Fulfillment Lab Technician

Aubrey started working with Wise Woman Herbals while in high school and as a result she developed a keen interest in plant-based medicine. She received training in phytochemical analysis and microbiological laboratory testing, and functions as a WWH Lab Technician at our facility. Raised locally, she has a great appreciation for the native flora and after 2 focused years of studying in 2010 she became an FIHM Certified Herbalist. In her free time she values family and close friendships. Aubrey and her husband were recently blessed with the arrival of their first child, a son whom they named Rick. Wise Woman since 2006.  


Nicole Duvall 
Order Fulfillment Lab Technician

Nicole is a self-proclaimed naturalist and organic food enthusiast. She started in an entry level position and within a year seamlessly moved into the OF Tech position. Nicole is both feared and revered on the soccer field as the most aggressive player in our employee's recreational league. She is also known for her long straight jet-black hair that frequently changes color and is presently in the pink to purple spectrum. Wise Woman since 2014.


Dewey Epperson 
Production Lab Technician Lead

As Lead Production Technician, Dewey is involved in assuring consistency in every batch through cross checks and adhering to current Good Manufacturing Practices. He assists in sourcing and purchasing of raw materials and in many cases acts as the liaison with Wise Woman Herbals' approved growers. He is a long standing member of the Quality Control Unit. Dewey is a devoted father of 4 active and talented children. Wise Guy since 2008.


Trisha Mogstad 
Production Lab Technician

Trisha was born and raised in Creswell and first started working with WWH while attending high school. She is extremely knowledgeable about the production process and adhering to the current Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines. Trisha particularly enjoys being involved with the herb extraction process and gaining insights into the herb's traditional use. In her free time she enjoys camping, hiking, cooking and 4-wheeling. Wise Woman since 2006.  



Sarah Fitzer, C.H.
Order Fulfillment Lab Technician Lead

Sarah is an Oregon native, born and raised in the Eugene/Springfield area. She previously worked in organic food production and now enjoys working with the WWH team. Sarah enjoys making high quality herbal supplements and finds her days to be very rewarding here. In her spare time she loves to cook, bake, and hike and camp in the Willamette National Forest. She loves the Pacific Northwest... even the rain! Sarah is a Certified Herbalist and hardworking Wise Woman since 2010.  


Chad Redden 
Production Lab Technician

A native Northwesterner, Chad has a long tenured background in quality control and botanical and food production. In his previous job he worked in a supervisory role in large-scale botanical extraction of solid extracts, glycerites and powdered extracts. Chad is a great addition to the Production Lab team with his extensive knowledge and experience working in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices. He especially enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, one of whom also works in production in the botanical supplement industry. Wise guy since 2014. 


Chance Allen
Sanitation Specialist

Chance has worked in a variety of industries including logging and millwork, and cleaning and detailing cars. He has been in Oregon for nearly 2 decades and enjoys spending all of his free time outdoors. Chance can frequently be found camping, hiking, fishing, riding horses and spending time with his family, which includes a wife and son.