Extraction Process


We proudly offer the finest quality and highest concentration liquid extracts available. They are created with an individually detailed process that acknowledges the uniqueness of each herb.

Carefully measured amounts of fresh and/or dried plant, organic cane alcohol, and mountain spring water are combined and allowed to blend for weeks or even months. We impose no intervention other than daily agitation to activate the plant's vital force and other therapeutic qualities. The result is a superior quality extract filled with a broad range of chemical constituents for maximum therapeutic potential.

Some companies make extracts in as little as two days, simply by adding heat or pressure to concentrate the extract quickly. In our opinion, there is no substitute for our methodical and traditional hands-on process.

We attain excellent results by mixing ancient herbal wisdom with current scientific knowledge. We place prime importance on the freshness and quality of the plants used in our extracts to both maximize concentration and maintain their energetic integrity.