Notice of Trademark and
Trade Name Interests


TRADEMARK ® Registration #4001517

Wise Woman Herbals ® (herein referred to as WWH) was founded in 1989 and since that time has offered botanical supplements and related health products for commerce. WWH has earned a reputation for offering consistently high quality whole herb supplements to discerning health care practitioners and to the public. WWH offers one of the most comprehensive herbal product offerings including botanical oils, elixirs, encapsulations, essential oils, glycerites, liquid extracts, solid extracts, homeopathic suppositories, syrups, teas, topical applications, vinegar compounds and related products. WWH acquires and distributes its product ingredients and finished products globally.

The World Wide Web is a commercial medium favored by WWH under the domain name Wise Woman Herbals intends to defend its interests in its mark and domain name to the full extent of the law. Anyone infringing or considering infringing on the use of these marks or by using a variation of the mark such as Wise Woman or Wise Women in conjunction with Herbals, Herbal, Herbs, Herb, is requested to immediately cease and desist. This includes the use of our company names, marks, domain names, websites and printed materials without express permission.