Distribution Policy


Do not purchase Wise Woman Herbals Suppositories and low dose herbs from online stores! We restrict access to suppositories, low dose herbs and products where practitioner supervision is advised. Many of these products are clearly marked in our current Professional Catalog as “QHP” - for sale to Qualified Healthcare Practitioners only.
We do not sell our suppositories and low dose herbs direct to the public, they are only available through an office visit with a qualified licensed health care practitioner. Suppositories in particular should only be used under the guidance of a practitioner with a focus in women's health.
E-commerce sites offering Wise Woman Herbals suppositories and other restricted products are ‘pirating’ them and have been notified they are selling them against company policy. Please, do not purchase Wise Woman Herbals Suppositories, Low Dose Herbs, products designated as "QHP" or "Practitioner Only", and other restricted products on eBay®, Amazon® or other unauthorized sites.
Due to established labeling guidelines we are limited to what we can state on our labels and as a result the intended use of our products is not always clear. The best outcomes are assured when professional-grade botanical supplements are recommended and managed by licensed health care practitioners.
Ongoing efforts are made to maintain very select distribution channels to protect our customers, the general public and our brand. We do not sell to e-commerce based businesses or market to large retailers and strongly discourage anyone from selling Wise Woman Herbals® products online. 

Wise Woman Herbals’ mission is to help people improve their quality of life through a comprehensive offering of high quality products. Time-intensive traditional processing techniques and small batch size enable Wise Woman Herbals to offer the finest handmade whole-herb products available. A full-time quality staff maintains compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices, which assures our professional customers and their clientele the consistent high quality they have grown accustomed to.